Thank you for your interest in our programs!

Unfortunately, due to the changing nature of our current world, HYT is on indefinite hiatus until the timing is right for our team and for our HYT families. Thank you for understanding, and we hope to be making theatre with our community again soon!

We offer rotating classes for all levels of performers. Our classes are held in downtown Burbank.  

Note: Each class needs a minimum of students, so tell your friends to join you!

– Upcoming Classes –

There are no upcoming classes at this time.

– Ongoing Classes –

We currently offer private coaching tailored to meet individual student’s needs. Read more or email to schedule a session.

– Past Classes –

Scene Study (Ages 9-14)

Develop a better understanding and appreciation for the art of acting through class exercises and scene study.  We will work to develop each individual’s concentration, relaxation and the imagination necessary for the art of acting. Students will be introduced to the basic concepts of acting and will explore how these concepts apply in performances, using their body, voice, emotions and imaginations as expressive tools.

Creative Writing (Ages 9 – 16)  

This class is  broad-based introduction to various forms of creative writing, such as short fiction and drama. Students will participate in reading assignments and writing exercises within a variety of genres.  Students will learn the foundational techniques about creating dialogue, character and plot. Students are introduced to the concept of a writing workshop, wherein they share pieces with peers in order to give and receive feedback.

Improv (Ages 9-14)

In this eight-week class, students will gain experience in the art of improvisation focusing on exercises to enhance and develop spontaneity, listening, character development, problem solving and creativity. Students will also work to build a repertoire of improvisation exercises, characters and ways to express story through improvisation. Class exercises will be geared toward teaching students to trust themselves and they practice listening and responding in the moment.

Creative Drama (Ages 5-6)

An exciting class embracing  the magic of make-believe. This process-centered exploration of drama is designed to help young actors learn to work and play within a group, develop confidence, and let their imaginations soar. Once a week, young actors will be introduced tothe basics of theatre, stage technique, character development, creative movement and storytelling. Students will explore their imagination through creative theatre games and role-playing. Each class will teach basic performance and ensemble-building skills.

Fellowship Church of BurbankAll classes will be held at
Fellowship Church
320 East Angeleno Avenue
Burbank, CA 91502
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