Mini Camp

Join us in Summer 2018 for BUGS: The Musical!


Morning Classes – the first part of our days is spent learning various disciplines and techniques to challenge artists to grow in all areas, including:

Acting – Get introduced to the basic concepts of acting and explore how these concepts apply to your own performances using your body, voice, emotions and imagination as expressive tools.

Stage Basics – Learn the art of theatre, from parts of the stage to how to memorize lines.  We cover the foundation of knowledge that all artists need to know their way around a theatre.

Creating Characters – Practice setting your imagination loose using games, exercises, and simple scenes created to get performers “out of their shell” and into the high-energy world of creating believable characters on stage.

Singing & Dancing – Get moving and put your body in motion. We practice telling the story through song and dance, stretching every part of our talents!

Afternoon Rehearsal is devoted to putting theory into practice on stage as we prepare a musical show to be performed in front of a live audience.  And every camp member gets to play a role on-stage!


* Monday July 9th – Friday July 14th, from 9am until 4pm with a short break for lunch.  Students will need to bring their own food & drink.  Snacks and water will be available for purchase as well.

* Showcase performance at a theatre on Saturday, July 15th

Cost: $250